Featherstone Castle

August 8-17 2017, Featherstone Castle

Summer Global Gathering


THE SECOND GLOBAL GATHERING, at Featherstone Castle in August 2017, has the same aims.  Capacity for 110 faeries, camping space or indoors, this 9-day gathering is an opportunity for the Albion Faeries to host pioneers and activists from around the world, to give them a taste of the potential for healing, transformation and growth in queer community, to develop a global sense of who we are, of our roles in the human family.    Read more…

October 17-26, 2017
Featherstone castle, Northumberland

Albion Faeries Samhain Gathering

* Please note that you can arrive any time after midday on the 17th and stay for as long as you wish up to midday on the 26th

Honouring the time of going within

When Summer is over and Winter starts to beckon, the Autumnal Faerie gathering offers you a time for reflection, a chance to build connection and networks of support as we prepare for the inward pull of the dark period of the year, and an opportunity to delve into the mysteries of spirit as we celebrate the season of SAMHAIN, time of Ancestors, time of Transformation, Renewal and Rebirth.  More details and booking form will be available nearer the date.


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