Featherstone Castle

  • March 27 to April 5, 2018 – Featherstone Castle
    Ostara Faerie gathering
  • * Please note that you can arrive any time after midday on the 27th and stay for as long as you wish up to midday on the 5th

Communication grows with relationship,
Questioning the culture of competition.
Products don’t fit
Real happenings
With real people.


Hear Ye, Hear Ye,
In this year of the common era known as 2018 the tribe of Radical Faeries of Albion, with such sundry of their friends, allies, loves and divers other of the tribes of Radical Faerie as may wish, shall Gather. The Gathering shall be from the 12th hour after matins of the 27th March until the 12th hour after matins of the 5th April, in the time of the festivals and feasts of Ostara, that is of Spring, of the Flower Maiden and the Virgin Goddess. The said Gathering of the Tribe shall occur at Featherstone Castle in the County of Northumberland in this realm of Albion. There it will be assembled such numbers as choose to attend. These so choosing to celebrate and connect in ritual discovery the re-emergence and rebirth of the tribe and each Faerie how-so-ever they choose in this appointed time and place. So let all Radical Faeries, be they old or be they new, be invited, included and encouraged to attend; with such haste as may be, to conjoin, afford, present, tender, confer and bestow the benison of their presence, spirit, gifts and gaddings to this Gathering.

We are the threat
To that competition;
Us who can’t survive
Without collaboration.

The Practicals

A Radical Faerie gathering is first and foremost a collaborative effort. It is made up of what each of us brings; physical, mental, energetic, planned and spontaneous, aware and unaware. We, the organisers, ask that you think about what you might bring with you, both as gift/offering and as baggage/exploration. All are welcome in their entirety. However, the more you share the more you get and the better everyone’s gathering is (the only exception to this are virus’s and infectious illnesses which we are happy for you to be mean & selfish about and keep to yourself – we can do a mean line in meat free chicken soup and orange juice if need be)!

If you have any specific queries or issues not answered above please contact the gathering organisers at faerieuk@gmail.com

Access needs: The Castle is a Nineteenth century remodelling of a 12th century original – there are a lot of steps and stairs meaning it is not wheelchair accessible, nor is it particularly friendly to those with mobility issues. However, this has not stopped a number of determined faeries in the past & faeries can be kind hearted and generous individuals (mostly) and are generally very happy to provide assistance. The organisers can also provide advice and support in the planning and preparation stages of attending, including in room allocation to reduce (but Not eliminate) problems.

Food & Drink: All meals will be vegetarian and vegan (unless you run off to the chip shop in Haltwhistle). Think about offering to help prepare or wash up after at least one meal as part of your gathering offering as we will be doing all the cooking, preparation and cleaning up ourselves. Do bring any cheap, tasty vegetarian/vegan recipes that you would be interested in cooking (or even assisting to cook) for up to 80 people. The Kitchen Goddess will be available to advise if you want to cook something specific but are unsure about numbers, requirements etc..

I thank those who had the courage
To be ridiculed or even die for their belief
In humanity.

That’s what keeps us safe.
Don’t die a living death
Just because it’s comfortable.

(Quotes from the poem ‘Competition’ by Maresa MacKeith, published in ‘Taking the Time’. 2011)

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  • October 16 to 25, 2018 – Featherstone Castle
    Samhain Faerie gathering

* Please note that you can arrive any time after midday on the 16th and stay for as long as you wish up to midday on the 25th



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