Beltane gathering – May 7 to 14, 2018

* Please note that you can arrive any time after 3pm on the 7th and departures by 11am on the 14th

The intention of the gathering is to take each other on a conscious journey from our heads into the body, into the heart and into the love that lives within each of us. To stoke the fire of that Love in the Beltane spring energies, to nourish ourselves, to connect in community, to fill each other up so that we can radiate and shine our Love brightly on our onward journeys throughout the rest of the year.

Together we will create a safe, respectful and consensual space, where all we do springs from awareness, kindness and consideration of ourselves, of each other and of the land. In this way, in this space, all of us may give and receive transformational healing love.

To hold and help us on our journey there will be a framework of workshops and activities which where possible will be outlined in advance while also encouraging spontaneity, further co-creation, flexibility in being open to change and moving with the energy of the gathering and our collective journey.

The focus of the gathering will be on conscious process, workshops, sharing and activities with the aim of nourishing our personal and collective growth. Themes of workshops planned at this stage include Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Heart circles, Magic, Shamanic techniques, Conscious connection, Boundaries and Consent, Intimacy, Massage, Sacred Sexuality and themed sharing circles for example to support people struggling with addictions of any kind.


The gathering will be a co created event; what is present will be the energy and content that each of us brings. We are all organisers and creators of the event in our own ways. It would be great if as many people as possible could take on roles and responsibilities in advance of the event. A starter list is included below. Also if people are able to offer workshops then please indicate this on the form.

Practical information:

The venue is Paddington Farm, about 30 min walk from Glastonbury and accessible by bus and driving. For more information about transport and the venue look at the Albion faeries website.

We intend to accommodate a maximum of around 70 people. There are a small number of twin and double rooms available as well as spaces in two dorms in the farm house. The rest of the accommodation is camping. The gathering is also intended as a journey best experienced for the duration therefore we may prioritise bookings for those that are coming for at least 5 nights. Food is shared and included; we will cook together vegetarian / vegan meals so consider giving some time to this. If you have dietary requirements then these can be indicated on the form.

There will be several main workshops venues, the classroom at the top of the camping field, structures in the camping field as well as indoor space in the farm house and space in nearby woods. Some parts of the venue may be challenging for those with accessibility needs. For example the farm can be dark at night, the path to the woods is often muddy, some of the paths around the farm site are a little uneven, there may be long grass in parts of the camping field and there are steps up to the dorms in the farmhouse. If you have any accessibility needs please indicate this on the form.

Please come for the whole journey if you can especially if you are booking a small room bed to help ensure that venue costs are covered

Booking is open

Bookings are found here on our new faerie central community site. To book onto the event you will need to register, this will invited you to register with the community but if you are not interested you can just fill in your name, email address and password and continue.

Please note that whilst the organisers of this event take every reasonable care to provide a safe environment for you, the circumstances of the event and the nature of the activities is such that people will often try out new activities or take risks which the organisers cannot foresee.

As a participant you assume responsibility for your own safety and should exercise due care. By choosing to attending this event we will assume that you understand and accept this.

Location: Paddington Farm, Glastonbury, Somerset


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