Unstone Grange

9th Jul, 2018 – 16th Jul, 2018

a radical faerie healing retreat
Unstone Grange, Derbyshire, Isle of Albion


Coming Home to Nature, to Tribe, to Self

Honouring the transitions and shifts in our lives and consciousness
Exploring core radical faerie healing practice:

This faerie retreat aims to engage the healing power of community and to celebrate the emergence of queer healers reclaiming our natural roles as bridges between worlds, gatekeepers/portals to spirit. We gather to conjure the healing faerie glow, the connection with the slow heart beat of the Great Mother, in the energy of the Cancerian Sun and Cancerian New Moon.

The invitation is to approach this as a RETREAT space, a space which is about turning within together, a conscious journey into healing and transformation, where presence, mindfulness and compassion lead the way. Let’s share our stories of healing and discovery as we journey to the core of radical faerie magic, co-creating a supportive setting in which we practice letting go of the stimulating world of external objective intensity and wade into the cool deep waters of the inner being.

Indoor accommodation for up to 30, plus plenty of space for camping. Live-in vehicles welcome.
We encourage everyone to come for the complete retreat if at all possible. Let’s take a journey together.
This is not a party space, there are many opportunities to party in faeriedom. the invitation is to explore awareness and connection, so we ask participants to be discerning about use of any mind altering substances

Indoor bed: £25 per night
Camping: £15 per night
Food costs: £6 per day

So breakeven costs are £31 per night indoors, £21 per night camping.
Please pay what you can afford
NOTAFLOF: No-One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds
ADAFAE: Additional Donations and Funds Appreciated Enthusiastically
If you are able to pay above the break even price it makes it possible for those who cannot afford that much to be part of the retreat, so please be generous!

Booking opens on the 17 March and can be found here

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