March 14th-18th 2018, Near Worcester

Faerie Magic gathering

This years theme: Power of Roots, Roots of Power

The vision:

A small, diverse, gathering for those who are called to celebrate, explore and take our places as magic workers.

  • A space to exchange ideas and skills.
  • An invitation to co-create.
  • A space to practice and to practise.
  • A space for ritual.
  • A place to vision-share how we may contribute to our communities and faerie tribe and how to support ourselves to give this service.

The invitation:

An intimate, 5 day long gathering dedicated to faerie magic. Our intention is for a queer, gender diverse group.

  • Held in a not-for-profit venue called Anybody’s Barn, part of the Birchwood Community in the Malvern Hills, near Gloucester. Includes a grassy area with firepit and small area of woodland.
  • Held over 5 days, 4 nights from 14th to 18th March 2018
  • Held as an intentional group space and journey by Earthsong (Al) and Qweaver who bring deep experience in magic working.

We encourage everyone to come for the complete gathering. This will not be an informal gathering where you can dip in and out easily of the main group process.

This is not a party space, there are many opportunities to party in faeriedom. We are interested in exploring our awareness as magic workers, including building an understanding of how drugs and alcohol can affect our magical energies and the energies of the group. We hold an intention that together we make conscious choices around this process.

The practicals:

A maximum of 15 people can be accommodated at Anybody’s Barn in dorm-style rooms. There is no camping. Please note, we’re not able to go above the maximum.

A 24 hour rate of £23 per person for waged and £18 for unwaged is payable to the community for the use of the Barn. In addition, we will need to provide all our food and drinks. From experience, this will add around £6 to the base cost, meaning a break-even 24 hour rate of £29 waged and £24 unwaged. The total gathering cost per person will be £145 waged and £120 unwaged. If you can’t pay this amount please pay what you can. If you’re able to pay more please do, as this will help others. Any profit will be returned to the Albionfaerie funds to support other events.

Here’s information from the venue on indoor access: There are three bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms on the ground floor but there are three steps from the downstairs bedrooms to the toilets and Kitchen/living room and the one step from the living room into the meeting room. There are no single bedrooms at the venue. There are three bedrooms rooms that sleep 4 in each and one room that sleeps 3 and another that sleeps 5.

Here’s information from the venue about the outside space: The Barns are on different levels and really not wheel chair friendly. The grassy area is on a slope . The path is flat but gravel. The woodland is also on a slope. We are on top of a hill so every thing is up and downy.  Having said all that we have had people using wheel chairs but it requires some strong people to negotiate steps etc.

Storridge is the nearest village to Anybody’s Barn. The nearest train station is Malvern Link but there is no bus connection from Malvern Link to the venue. There is a bus to Storridge from Worcester so best to go there and we can arrange taxi shares and pickups from there.

More information about the venue can be found here http://anybodysbarn.co.uk/


Please contact Earthsong or Qweaver as soon as possible by email to express interest. Our intention is to achieve a diverse group. For this reason it would be helpful if you can share your gender identity in your email.

Earthsong: myfaerieking@btinternet.com

Qweaver: qweaver0@gmail.com (it’s a zero before @)

  Facebook event page where we can share ideas and practical things like lifts. Pressing ‘going’ on fb does not guarantee you a place!

With love, Qweaver and Earthsong.

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